Hot Apple Pie Marshmallow Soap

Hot Apple Pie Marshmallow Soap

Posted by Suma Al Abdulla on Jul 18th 2017

24 oz. White Melt and Pour Base

4.5 oz. Crystal Clear Shower Gel (Castile Soap works also)

0.8 oz. Hot Apple Pie Fragrance Oil

0.8 oz. Vanilla Color Stabilizer 

1 C. Epson Salt.

1 Tblsp Oil of your choice

Molds of your choice


Cut melt and pour base into small cube sizes and put over a double boiler to melt or in a microwave at small intervals of 30 sec. till all chunks are melted.  Add vanilla stabilizer, fragrance,  and clear soap (castile soap), mix together, then separate into equal parts into a different bowl, place a darker bright color of green in the first bowl and mix well (if hotter than 140 F it will burn out the fragrance, so the cooler the oils are the stronger the smell of your fragrance).  Take an electric hand mixer and mix till doubled in size and almost looks like cool whip.  In other bowl use another color of green, similar to a leaf green, mix the same way as you did the first bowl of soap.  Place Epson salt in a bowl, add a green color and oil, mix well.  Place the lighter color in first then while pouring in the darker, continue this process into all molds till soap is gone.  Sprinkle Epson salt on top of soap, let cool and become solid.  Remove from mold when solid.

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