Holiday Bath Cookies

Holiday Bath Cookies

Posted by Nadia Mansour on Aug 11th 2017

Makes: 21, 1.8 oz Cookies

It’s time to get into the Holiday Spirit and make some Christmas inspired Holiday Bath Cookies!

Luckily for you I am giving a tin away - All you have to do is Share this post and Comment below. A winner will be announced on Dec 12! Good Luck!

I decided that I wanted to develop a brand new recipe out of the blue today and this is what I came up with! I am very proud to say that these cuties turned out way better than perfect (pats myself on the back). The amount of bubbles that you get from just 1 Bath Cookie is exception and oh my, these will leave your skin so lovely and baby soft!

Try packaging these up in cute holiday cookie tins and give them away as gifts to your neighbors, friends, family or even just for yourself because either way you are going to want to pinch a tin!


- 5 oz Citric Acid
- 16 oz Baking Soda
- 2.5 oz Arrowroot Powder
- 3.5 oz Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA)
- 4 oz Shea Butter, Melted
- 4 oz Cocoa Butter, Melted
- 0.72 oz Fragrance Oil, Skin Safe
- 1 Cup Colored Candy Melts, Melted
- 21 Royal Icing Decorations
- Cosmetic Glitter


- Pastry Cutter
- Digital Scale
- 1” Ice Cream Scoop
- 2 Pyrex Bowls
- Baking Sheet
- Wax Paper
- Scissors


- Sanitize all Equipment and Weigh all Ingredients with a Digital Scale.
- Place all of the Dry Ingredients into a Bowl and mix until combined.
- Melt the Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter on low heat in a Double Boiler.
- Once melted, let the melted Butters cool until warm to the touch but still liquid. Thereafter, you can stir in the Fragrance Oil of your choosing.
- Add the melted and now scented Butters into the Bowl with the now blended Dry Ingredients and use a Pastry Cutter to mix everything together.
- Once your mix reaches a consistency that is doughy but looks like there are large crumbs in the bowl you can start forming your Holiday Bath Cookies!

Forming the Bath Cookies

- Set up a Baking Sheet lined with Wax Paper.
- Take your 1” Cookie Scoop and pack it with the Bath Cookie mixture, leveling it off on the back before un-scooping.
- Roll the Bath Cookies into balls and then flatten them slightly to get a traditional cookie shape before placing them onto a Lined Baking Sheet.
- Once you have formed all your Holiday Bath Cookies, you can now get to the fun part – Decorating!

Decorating the Bath Cookies

- To decorate your Bath Cookies melt 1 cup of Candy Melts in any color of your choosing.
- Once melted, place the mixture into a Ziploc bag and release all the air before zipping it back up.
- Push all the melted Candy Melts into the corner of the Ziploc bag and then cut a very small hole in one of the end corners of the bag. This will be how you achieve a clean Drizzle over your Bath Cookies
- In quick and seamless motions, squeeze down on the Ziploc bag and Drizzle the melted Candy Melt mixture over your Bath cookies.
- Once you have added the Drizzle over the top of all the Bath Cookies, sprinkle them with your favorite Cosmetic Glitter(s) and then add on Royal Icing Decorations!
- Place the finished Bath Cookies into the fridge to harden completely. Once hardened they can remain outside of the fridge and will remain Rock Hard thereafter!


- To use a Bath Cookie massage one under your baths running water. Alternatively, you can place a Holiday Bath Cookie into an Organza Bag and hang it over the faucet as the tub fills up – this is my favorite method. Because this recipe contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) as Bubbling Agent, you will need to do either of the above in order to achieve those really luscious bubbles in your bath water!


- Please make sure you leave a note somewhere on the package stating that these Holiday Bath Cookies are for External Use Only as you don’t want anyone confusing them with food!
- When working with SLSA, slowly add it into the Mixing Bowl first and then add the other powdered ingredient on top of it. This will prevent the SLSA from getting too airborne as this can make you cough.
- Make sure you use a Baking Sheet lined with Wax Paper, if not you will come to find that you will have a hard time removing the cookies from any other surface.
- After using a Pastry Cutter to mix your Bath Cookie Dough, use your hands and mix the mixture again. This will allow you to feel and ensure that the entire mixture is incorporated well with the Melted Butters.
- Work Quickly after placing the Drizzle on the Bath Cookies. This is because you will want your glitter and Royal Icing Decorations to still be able to stick to the Drizzle while it’s still tacky.
- Practice creating the Drizzle on some tissue before attempting to Drizzle over the Bath Cookies right away.
- I cheated a little and used Candy Melts for my Drizzle! If you are planning on selling these and/or have the time you can definitely create a Drizzle using melted, melt and pour soap or a bath melt/truffle base instead. I personally love the look of using Candy Melts though!

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