Body Souffle

Body Souffle

Posted by Suma Al Abdullah on Jul 18th 2017

8 oz. Avocado Butter

3 oz. Organic Cocoa Butter

2 oz. Avocado Oil

6 ml of Almond Biscotti  Fragrance Oil

1 Tsp. of Tapioca Starch

Melt cocoa butter to a liquid state over a double boiler or microwave, do not over cook, just till chunks are melted and remove from heat immediately.  Add avocado oil, when temperature is at 140 F or below add fragrance  (if hotter than 140 F it will burn out the fragrance, so the cooler the oils are the stronger the smell of your fragrance).  In a separate bowl place Avocado butter and mix well with an electric beater till fluffy, slowly add cocoa oil mixture at small amounts while mixing.  Then add Tapioca starch and mix well.  Place in container.

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